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What's the best way to save on a cruise? Read on and learn. With just a little effort you could save a lot of money.

Travel agents and online cruise reservation services always have a current list of cruise deals. Check 2 or 3 sources - you'll find that they're not all the same.

Cruise lines also list cruise specials on their websites. All cruise lines that sail from Port Everglades have online specials. But don't just rely on those lists. The online travel agencies have more deals than the cruise lines are promoting.

Any rate below $100 per day is a real bargain on a cruise, and for the luxury ships the fair price is well above that. Remember that cruises are inclusive vacations that include all the amenities. On a cruise you're housed, fed, entertained and transported to great places -- all for one price. That's value.

There are a few tips for saving money on a cruise. The most important is to book early. You can often find the best bargains 12 months or more before the cruise departs. If you sailed with a cruise line before, usually you can get a deal as a returning passenger.

You can also look for last-minute cruise deals. Ships don't always sell out, and when they don't the cruise lines lower the prices on remaining staterooms. If you want to leave soon, last minute deals are a good option.

Look and you'll find a good cruise deal. Once you find one you like, book it quickly because the best prices don't last.

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