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Princess Cruises Princess Cruises offers many trips out of Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades. In the main dining rooms, passengers may choose either the restaurant-style Anytime Dining option, or the Traditional Fixed Seating experience with an assigned dining time, tablemates and wait staff. Among other dining options are a 24-hour restaurant and acclaimed alternative eateries. Princess Cruises offers Personal Choice Dining, enabling you to dine how, when and with whom you want.

Bring the whole family on a Princess Cruise from Port Everglades. Professional youth counselors organize a full schedule of activities to keep toddlers, pre-teens and teens occupied throughout the cruise. Couples will have a great time too. These Princess Cruises have show lounges that present a changing array of entertainment choices. Dance the night away in the nightclub at the very top of the ship and accessible by a glass-enclosed skywalk.

Cruises out of Fort Lauderdale on Princess

Princess Cruise's newest ship, the Regal Princess offers 7-day cruises to the eastern Caribbean. The big, beautiful ship is loaded with amenities.

Regal Princess

Princess Cruise's other new ship, the Royal Princess makes cruises to the eastern and southern Caribbean. It is the cruise line's finest ship yet.

Royal Princess

Princess Cruise Line's Emerald Princess sails from Fort Lauderdale in the winter. It offers 10-day cruises to the eastern Caribbean and to the southern Caribbean islands. This beautiful ship also makes a trans-Atlantic cruise to England.

Emerald Princess

The Ruby Princess makes 10-day cruises to the southern and eastern Caribbean. The Ruby Princess is a ship that sails from Fort Lauderdale in the cold weather months.

Ruby Princess

Want to see the marvel of the Panama Canal? The Coral Princess cruise ship offers Panama Canal cruises from Port Everglades. Some are 10-day round-trips and others are 15-day one-way trips to Los Angeles.

Coral Princess

The Island Princess also offers Panama Canal cruises from Port Everglades. They include 10-day round-trips and one-way trips to Vancouver and Los Angeles.

Island Princess

The Caribbean Princess makes one-week cruises to the southern Caribbean.

Caribbean Princess

Princess Cruises offers TransAtlantic cruises on 3 ships. The Grand Princess, Ruby Princess and Crown Princess all make the voyage from Fort Lauderdale to Europe.

Have fun. Explore the world. Escape completely on a Princess Cruise from Fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades.

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